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Loretta Brown


Loretta Brown

As a lifelong Musician, Mystic and Intuitive, Loretta Brown helps people re-harmonize and balance their lives from the inside out, so they can attract a life of Beauty, Joy and Fulfillment. She calls it "Getting a Tune Up" or "changing your tone". As Owner of the Reiki Oasis, LLC, in the Greater Seattle area, Loretta has traveled her own healing journey extensively. Currently,she uses her gifts and her personal experience, to help each soul renew, refresh, and re-member who they really are. Thru this re-membering, each soul can then return to their life, but differently....more in tune with who they really are, and why they are here now on the planet. The Reiki Oasis and Loretta provide the support and a place for a person to come in out of their hectic daily life, slow down, remove blockages, capture a vision, and connect with the deeper aspects of Authentic Self. Thru energy work, guided meditations, journeys, Dreaming, use of sound, mantra, music and Reiki, as well as in-depth Transformational Life Coaching, Loretta acts as a Messenger and Bridge between the Conscious and Subconscious worlds, helping each soul connect with their own Higher Guidance and reclaim their Voice, so they can successfully navigate their own life. It is Loretta's hope to call to each soul that is ready to awaken to let go of past shame, guilt, pain or limiting belief, and grow to its fullest potential, just as a seed in the ground hears the call to grow, pushing up thru the darkness of the earth towards the Sun and illumination. Her ultimate objective is restoring the balance of masculine and feminine energies within each soul and on the planet. Loretta's personal motto is "Heal the Children, and you Heal the Land." "Loretta creates an atmosphere of safety and focus wherein I feel free to express my innermost feelings. She is insightful, loving and a joy to work with. I deeply appreciate her talent, skill and trustworthiness as a healer. Our sessions play a unique and important role in my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In short, Loretta is very good at what she does and I’m grateful for that." Loretta has spent the last 14 years actively working with clients on a personal and group level. She has also spent the last 25 years traveling the world and working with many great Teachers world-wide, from India to Seattle, learning many things to include mantra, chanting, bija sounds, music as a healing and spiritual modality, shamanistic ritual, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, acutronics, Reiki, psychic development, personal development, energy healing, vibrational healing, Dream work, angel communication, piano, music and composition. Loretta holds a degree in Music with emphasis on Piano, as well as Certification in Cross-cultural Music in Health Care Settings (CCMHP), Certified Traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Transformational Life Coach with Dale Halaway, the TransCover Process and Seminars That Inspire, Certified Senior Instructor Counselor with Pete Sanders and Free Soul, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Spiritual Healer. Loretta is also dedicated to saving the Amazon Rainforests and supporting the indigenous peoples who are the Stewards of that Land and those forests.

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