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Mark Rayner


Mark Rayner

Mark Rayner is a professional Relationship Consultant who facilitates positive change and transformation through helping others discover their subconscious beliefs. His work covers all relationships because all are affected by what we believe. Mark understands the importance of relationships in his clients personal and professional lives. Personal relationships include parents, spouses, siblings, children and friends. Areas included in his clients professional relationships are leadership, workplace advancement, life patterns in the workplace and conflict resolution. Mark's services involve leadership coaching and training facilitation for executives and employees. He works with organization culture design to reduce staff discontent and turnover in the workplace and to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Getting to the Why of the matter!

Mark is familiar with adversity; diagnosed with a serious illness at age 2 and hospitalized on and off to the age of 17. Death of his father when he was 13 threw his family life into chaos and everything he knew or relied on was gone. He went through a marriage breakdown at age 35 and loss of his business in a partnership arrangement. He watched who he thought he was and what he thought he had slip away. His security and identity as an independent man became a distant memory. After continuous exposure to betrayal, dishonesty and abandonment he found himself driven to understand whether this could be simply chance or was there something else attracting these people and situations into his life? Mark's research and personal discoveries have not only helped him but have helped numerous clients transform their lives to be full and free from the strains of the past.

As you work with Mark, you will discover his intuition is powerful. Mark's deep understanding and ability to heal relationships comes from long suffering as does his ability to relate to your situation. He has had 30 years of helping people with their personal struggles and now is sharing his research and expertise to help others become all they can be! Helping his clients clear their past creates freedom for them to move into their future with unencumbered opportunity.

Mark says, "We create every thought which triggers every emotion. If we feel good or bad we created it....Now is the time to wake up, stop running on autopilot and create what you want."

Credentials • Certified Life & Relationship Coach: Studied under the well-known author and Life Coach Dr. Martha Beck, Harvard University graduate. Dr. Martha Beck has written several books and has a regular column in O- Magazine. • Certified Industrial Engineering Technologist - CET • Theta Healing Practitioner • Psychological Kinesiologist • Biological Change Facilitator • Corporate Value Development and Implementation Consultant • Leadership Attributes Training Facilitator • Corporate Culture Consultant

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