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Melany Bell

Melany Bell is a Certified Nutritional Therapist as well as Gut & Psychology Practitioner; she has trained through a Basics Level in Dr. Freddie Ulan's Nutrition Response Testing and is currently a Group Leader as a course Graduate for NTA and Lead instructor John Tjenos. She began private practice at the end of 2011 and created, Food Is First, a nutritional counseling service. Through the tenants of NTA's Foundational approach, the GAPS diet, Body Ecology and so many more she's been able to get remarkable results for herself and her clients.

Ms. Bell received her BFA from Purchase College in New York. She is a native of Seattle but has spent most of her life in other cities gaining new and innovative approaches to healing through nutrition. At 18 she worked as a Lab Assistant for Dr. Jonathan Wright, author of "Why Stomach Acid is Good for You" and founder of the Tahoma Clinic in Kent, WA.

She began her journey soon after seeing the amazing results he achieved using food as medicine as his medical oath required of him. At 19 someone suggested that because of her chronic constipation she may consider a vegetarian lifestyle and from this statement grew another 20 years of personal and practical study; the goal always being to attain optimal health. Melany is so grateful to all of her Teachers and Mentors who have helped change the course of her health and the many she has been able to share their knowledge with.

Health is Wealth!

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